May 7-June 18, 2021

Friday, June 11 @ 3 PM PST - DR. MIKE MASTERS

Friday, June 11 @ 4 PM PST - SHAO MA 

Friday, June 18 @ 3 PM PST - RALPH BLUMENTHAL

Friday, June 18 @ 4 PM PST - CLYDE LEWIS

CONTACT IN THE DESERT  June 25-28, 2021

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Upcoing: Friday, June 24 @ 3PM PST

Nathaniel Gillis

 Author, Lecturer and Religious Demonologist

Demonogist Nathaniel Gillis will discuss his research o te Devil, Demons, and unclean spirits with a twist that he believes there could be a connection to the implants found in people have been abducted by aliens - or the Soul Hunter himself, Molters! 

Upcoming: Friday, July 2 @ 3PM PST

Drs. Neil Dagnall

& Kenneth Drinkwater

Lecturers, Manchester Metropolitan University


Drs. Dagnall and Drinkwater work closely as parapsychological researchers (Anomalous Psychology, Cognitive Psychology & Experimental Methods). They published an intriguing paper about curses; how they work and why...

Upcoming: Friday, July 9 @ 3PM PST

Mike Ricksecker

Paranormal Investiator/Producer/Author

"A Walk in the Shadows" 

Mike Ricksecker is a paranormal researcher, historian, and an Amazon best-selling author. With nearly 30 years of involvement in the paranormal, Mike serves as a paranormal investigator and "Ghostorian" with the Society of the Haunted and regularly travels to speak about supernatural phenomenon and writing. Mike has appeared on multiple television shows and programs as a paranormal historian, ranging from Animal Planet and the Travel Channel to Coast-to-Coast. Mike produces his own Internet shows on the Haunted Road Media YouTube channel, which has over a million combined views!

Upcoming: Friday, July 12 @ 3PM PST

Austin "Oz" Mills



Founding member of The Atheist Roundtable (now The Atheist Network Group). 

A former Christian/Christian leader of 30+ years and like to discuss religion, faith and the possible impacts on individuals lives.

Upcoming: Friday, July 23 @ 3PM PST

Caroline Cory


OMnium Media

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker, executive producer and founder of Omnium Media. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous E.S.P (extra-sensory) and pre-cognition experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to existential topics, the study of consciousness and the mechanics of the universe. In 2010, Cory founded Omnium Media, an entertainment and media platform, which tackles thought provoking topics on the human condition and the nature of reality. In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind over matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows including such as A&E's popular series The UnXplained with William Shatner and History Channel's the Ancient Aliens.

Upcoming: Friday, July 30 @ 9AM PST

Patrice Pouillard


BAM (Builders of Ancient Mysteries) Investigations

BAM is an investigation into the past of our civilization, which visits the largest archaeological sites on our planet, and challenges with its daring hypothesis.

BAM also seduces by its shots that make this trip magical, and by the effect it provides: navigating in time and space, comfortably seated in your chair, allows you to step back from our time. , to the intensity of the events that our society has been going through for several decades and to the artistic vagueness concerning our future. If the connection between ancient archaeological sites and the direction of our future is not clear to you as you read this, you will understand it better after seeing BAM. : this is not just a film, but an experience at the heart of the beauty and genius of the achievements of our ancestors.

Upcoming: Friday, August 6 @ 3PM PST

Craig Campobasso


The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics

Craig’s mother Marie Donna King Campobasso told him from the time she was pregnant with him, that she knew he would become a writer. He fulfilled that prophecy when he was twenty-six, after he experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening. That’s when The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrrestrial Saga book series was born. His passion is to write stories that provoke the reader to think, to raise their consciousness, to expand their mind about Creation, while still entertaining in the Hollywood tradition.

Craig directed, wrote and produced the short film Stranger at the Pentagon, which was adapted from the popular UFO book authored by the late Dr. Frank E. Stranges. After production, the short film collected accolades. In September 2014, it won Best Sci-Fi film at the Burbank International Film Festival, selling out all 275 seats—a first for the festival. In 2015, it won a Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for Best Sci-Fi Short.

Craig has appeared on many radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory twice. He has also been a guest on the Open Minds talk show, with Regina Meredith; and two episodes of Beyond Belief, hosted by George Noory. Craig has also appeared on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, where Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the main Ancient Astronaut theorist.

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac is the ultimate field guide to the 82 extraterrestrial species that populate the universe. ET enthusiast Craig Campobasso explores the origins, physical characteristics, technological and consciousness abilities, dimensional capacities, belief systems, and cosmic agendas of each of the species.

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