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Sally Reynolds

Mammalian Paleontologist

Oldest dated footprints in the New World from White Sands National Park

She is a South African born mammalian paleontologist, working on a variety of global projects, including the oldest dated footprints in the New World from White Sands National Park in New Mexico (USA), the oldest dated art from the Tibetan Plateau and also extensive work on the African Plio-Pleistocene fauna as a means to understand hominin paleoecology. She is also a researcher at Bournemouth University in the UK. In this episode, she will talk about the recent discoveries in the oldest footprints of the new world. 

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Carole Nervig


The Petroglyphs of Mu

While residing on the small Pacific island of Pohnpei in the 1990s, Carole Nervig discovered that a recent brush fire had exposed hundreds of previously unknown petroglyphs carved on gigantic boulders. This portion of the megalithic site called Pohnpaid was unknown even to Pohnpei’s state historic preservation officer. In this fully illustrated exploration, Nervig documents her discoveries on Pohnpei, revealing how the archetypal symbols of the Pohnpaid petroglyphs have exact counterparts in other ancient cultures and universal motifs throughout the world, including the Australian Aborigines, the Inca in Peru, the Vedic civilization of India, early Norse runes, and Japanese symbols. Tony will interview about her discoveries and journeys throughout the the island of Pohnpei.

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Randy Walsh


The Apollo Moon Missions: Hiding A Hoax in Plain Sight Part I & Part II

As a child, Walsh was fascinated by the Apollo Moon missions. As he got older the fascination never waned, until, approximately 15 years ago, he happened to watch a documentary on one of the Apollo missions. In that they discussed the method used for circumnavigating the Moon during the missions. As a trained pilot, he remembers questioning that method of navigation and from there he started to doubt the validity of the Apollo Moon missions itself, which led to subsequent years of research and two books.

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Rick Allen Ross

Cult Deprogrammer

Rick Alan Ross is the founder and Executive Director of The Cult Education Institute. He is an internationally known expert regarding destructive cults, controversial groups and movements and author of the book "Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out." Since 1982 he has been studying, researching and responding to the problems often posed by controversial authoritarian groups and movements. Ross was the only deprogrammer to work with members of the Branch Davidians prior to the Waco siege.

Ross has been qualified and accepted and testified as an expert witness in court proceedings across the United States including US Federal Court. He has also frequently assisted local and national law enforcement and government agencies. He has personally assisted thousands of families in an effort to help the victims of destructive cults, groups and movements. In this episode, he will discuss his experiences, his book, and his findings as a cult deprogrammer.

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Chief Robert Maytwayashing

Anishinaabe Knowledge Keeper

Monsters of the First Nations

Ojibwe chief and Anishinaabe knowledge keeper, Robert Maytwayashing returns to Truth Be Told to discuss three legendary monsters of First Nations legend: the Windigo, the Sabe, and the Manipogo! Chief Robert will share the stories of these beasts with our listeners.  

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Scott F. Wolter


Cryptic Code: The Templars in America and the Origins of the Hooked X

Third in the Hooked X series, this book explores new scientific findings and recently discovered documents that show a vastly different story of North American history than the current narrative.  The revelations in the Cryptic Code are sure to generate new discussion around the medieval Knights Templar, their role in the European exploration of North America, and of the origins of the Hooked X.  In Wolter's continued pursuit to understand and authenticate the Kensington Rune Stone, found in Minnesota in 1898, and the important role the Knights Templar had within history, he uncovers the layers of cryptic code that authenticates the Rune Stone once and for all.

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Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron is the eldest daughter of Roger and Carolyn Perron who purchased the home of their dreams and eventual nightmares in December of 1970. The couple unwittingly moved their five young daughters into the ancient and mysterious farmhouse. Secrets were kept and then revealed within a space shared by mortal and immortal alike. Their odyssey is chronicled by Andrea and is an unabridged account of a supernatural excursion. Ed and Lorraine Warren (renowned paranormal investigators) investigated this haunting in a futile attempt to intervene on their behalf. They consider the Perron family saga to be one of the most compelling and significant of a famously ghost-storied career as paranormal researchers.  Her story is an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit on a pathway of discovery: an eternal journey for the living and the dead. In this episode, she will discuss her families paranormal experiences, trauma, and how they cope today.


House of Darkness: House of Light Volumes 1, 2, & 3

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Eileen Deitz

Eileen Deitz is an American actress who is best known for her appearances in many horror films such as the face of the demon in The Exorcist and for her portrayal of characters on the soap operas Guiding Light and General Hospital. As well as playing the Demon, Pazuzu in The Exorcist, she also played Linda Blair's stunt double! She performed in scenes that were too violent or disturbing for Blair to perform, including the crucifix scene and the fistfight with Father Karras.

As some may know, The Exorcist may be cursed. The release of The Exorcist is surrounded by controversy, as reports of fainting theater-goers and mysterious on-set accidents raise questions as to whether or not the film itself is evil. In this episode of Truth Be Told, she will discuss the proof and her experiences as to why the film may be haunted


"The Exorcist"

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