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Mike Duper


"On the Trail of Bigfoot"

"On the Trail of Bigfoot" is a firsthand account from paranormal researcher and skilled outdoorsman Mike Dupler on his many years of investigations into the Bigfoot phenomena. It features his own encounters with these enigmatic creatures, complete with photographs.

This plainspoken guide explores a variety of fascinating aspects of the Bigfoot mystery:

  • Whether Bigfoot are interdimensional beings or biological―or both

  • The similarities and disparities between the Sasquatch phenomena and other paranormal manifestations (fairies, wild men, Mothman, and the strange events at the notorious Skinwalker Ranch)

  • Bigfoot’s origins and their place on the primate evolutionary tree


"On the Trail of Bigfoot" also offers compelling theories as to the origins and arrival of Bigfoot in North America. Unique to this book is a detailed examination of stick structures attributed to Sasquatch, providing a wealth of information and reasoned speculation on the nature of these enigmatic calling cards that serve as haunting reminders of Bigfoot’s presence. Other evidence examined provides insight into possible communication techniques, such as tree knocks and perhaps even a spoken language, and an exploration of the implications of Bigfoot’s social interactions and higher intelligence.

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Austin "Oz" Mills


"The Atheist Round Table"

Tony talks with author and co-founder of the The Atheist Round Table, Austin "Oz" Mills about his journey from a man of Christian faith to atheism, and the misinformation about what being an Atheist means.


Learn more about The Atheist Round Table at

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Kevin Randale


"UFOs and the Deep State"

The deep state exists without a doubt and it has perpetrated a consistent mission to hide, obscure, and delete information as it pertains to UFOs and alien interactions. Should unelected officials be making the decisions on disclosure? Has a secret space program been developing technologies not of this world for decades? What have the U.S. Air Force and other agencies been hiding? This and more is explored in UFOs and the Deep State.

UFOs and the Deep State will touch upon:

  • Air Force Office of Special Investigations and interviews with UFO witnesses

  • The CIA-sponsored Robertson Panel to suppress UFO research and the campaign to move Project Blue Book from the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) to Air Force Public Affairs

  • Exclusive interviews with Paul Bennewitz and the military personnel involved in the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

  • Project Moon Dust, run by the Air Force and Department of State

  • An examination of the Secret Space Program and other black project


Author Kevin D. Randle connects the dots at last to reveal the overlooked, including how the deep state conducted interrogations that involved various techniques using chemicals and other mind-altering techniques.


The evidence is clear. The unelected officials in the deep state have been obscuring UFO incidents and intimidating those who wish to speak out. Let the truth rein free!

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Tim Rayborn


"Big Book of Paranormal"

Tim Rayborn is a historian, medievalist, and musician, with an MA and PhD from the University of Leeds in England. He is a writer on a variety of topics in history and the arts, from the academic to the amusing to the appalling. 

His book "Big Book of Paranormal" features over 300 hair-raising, spine-chilling stories around Bigfoot, the Loch Ness, UFOs, aliens, curses, ghosts, and unsolved mysteries. Otherworldly illustrations and images bring these mystical and frightening tales to life and make the stories creep off the page. This is the perfect gift for the little ghost-hunter or paranormal enthusiast in your life!

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J. Douglas Kenyon


"Ghosts of Atlantis"

For almost a quarter-century, J. Douglas Kenyon was the editor and publisher of Atlantis Rising magazine. He is the author and editor of several books, including Forbidden History and Forbidden Science, and the writer, producer, and narrator of several documentary films, including Technologies of the Gods, Clash of the Geniuses, and The Atlantis Connection.


"Ghosts of Atlantis" reveals evidence of advanced ancient technology, anomalous ancient maps, time travel, crystal science, ancient Armageddon, and Atlantis in the Bible; explores the true age of the Sphinx, the Stone Age high-tech found at Gobekli Tepe, the truth of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Zep Tepi monuments of Egypt, the mysteries of the Gulf of Cambay, and what lies beneath the ice of Antarctica; and examines the advanced knowledge of the ancients and how the search for Atlantis and other lost worlds reflects the search for the lost soul of humanity.

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