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Dr. James Fetzer

Professor and JFK Expert

Mara Gordon

Co-Founder and Chief Process Engineer of Aunt Zelda's


John Englander

oceanographer, consultant and leading expert on sea level rise

John Englander is an oceanographer, consultant and leading expert on sea level rise. His broad marine science background coupled with explorations to Greenland and Antarctica allows him to see the big picture of sea level rise and its societal impacts.

For over thirty years, he has been a leader in the private and non-profit sectors, serving as CEO for such noteworthy ogranizations as The International SeaKeepers and The Cousteau Society.

Today, Mr. Englander works with businesses, governmental agencies and communities to understand the risks of increased flooding due to rising seas, extreme tides, and severe storms, advocating for “intelligent adaptation”. He is also the founder of the non-profit, Rising Seas Institute, formerly known as the International Sea Level Institute. 

His best selling book, High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis, clearly explains the science, the impending devastating economic effects and the opportunity to design for a more resilient future. Politico listed it as one of the top 50 books to read. 

 John is a sought after public speaker and media expert with appearances on MSNBC, Fox Business, ABC, CBS, PBS, The Weather Channel, CCTV (China), CBC (Canada), NPR and SkyNews TV (UK).

He is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Marine Sciences – UC Santa Cruz; a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), a Fellow of the Explorers Club, and a member of several professional societies.

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Jan 03, 2020

Elisheva Balas

Master Teacher for "The Kabbalah Centre"

Elisheva Balas always knew that her life would revolve around helping others, but she didn’t know how until she found the Kabbalah Centre.

A Los Angeles native with a degree in Judaic Studies from UCLA, Elisheva became a student of Kabbalah in her early teens. She was drawn to the fact that the principles of Kabbalah apply to people of all faiths and religions, regardless of ethnicity or place of origin. To her, the beauty of studying Kabbalah is that no one can be forced to think in a particular way; that the teachings are shared in the hopes that they will be applied to one’s life for the sake of bettering it.

Elisheva has been teaching Kabbalah for nearly 20 years in 15 different cities across the world, including London, Rome, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami, just to name a few. She is loved for bringing humor to her classes and lectures. Believing that we should be able to laugh at our negativity, she emphasizes that laughing helps to internalize the painful reality where the ego puts us.

David Ghiyam

A self-made millionaire at 15-years-old, David was immersed in the investment world and medical field before experiencing a roller coaster ride on the financial spectrum. With his vast insight, he is a catalyst for people to realize that abundance and fulfillment begin on the inside with a strong spiritual practice. One of the leading Kabbalah teachers in the world, and a full-time volunteer, his understanding of self-transformation and global change are what contribute to his tremendous success. David and his wife currently live in Los Angeles.