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Author Rob Riggs brings us "Bigfoot" on TRUTH BE TOLD

August 31, 2014

Rob Riggs is a semi-retired veteran managing editor of Texas weekly newspapers.  His first journalism job in 1979 was with the Kountze News in the county seat of Hardin County near Sour Lake, the tiny Southeast Texas town where he grew up. Much of the land between those two towns is now included within the Big Thicket National Preserve, administered by the National Park Service. Rob grew up hearing strange stories from an early age about things seen in those woods. He is the author of In the Big Thicket: On the Trail of the Wild Man, published in 2001, is a co-author of Weird Texas published in 2005, and has authored numerous newspaper and magazine articles. He has been featured multiple times on radio and TV.

Tom Burnette is a real estate investor and trains life guards for a living.  He has lived most of his life and still resides on property owned by three generations of his family in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Old Fort, North Carolina. His land directly adjoins the half-million acre Pisgah National Forest.  At the far end of his property Tom has a rustic cabin situated a mile and a half off the nearest paved road. It is in these remote and rugged environs that Tom has done the bulk of his research and has had many harrowing encounters. Tom is the author of Nature’s Secret Agents, published in 1999, and numerous articles.  He has made many media appearances, and his research is also viewable on Youtube.





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